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CIT Group Inc. (CIT) is a financial holding company and bank holding company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in New York City. CIT Bank, N.A., CIT's banking subsidiary, is headquartered in Pasadena, California. The company's name is an initialism of an early corporate name, Commercial Investment Trust. CIT provides financing, leasing, and advisory services principally to middle-market companies and small businesses in a wide variety of industries, primarily in North America. CIT also provides banking and related services to commercial and individual customers through its banking subsidiary, CIT Bank, N.A. ("CIT Bank"), which includes over 60 branches located in Southern California and an online bank.

Sung Yong mentioned, "Closing an account with CIT Bank is a nightmare. Not only did it take 3 months, but they failed to complete the request properly. What is even more frustrating is that they had a wire transfer option but was never explained or disclosed. I'll never bank with them and you are better off banking with someone else. What a nightmare."


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Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Hardly ever got a break unless you are in with management. Raises were not very good especially for the amount of work needed to be done. Very upset customer base so makes the day seem longer."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working here was a joke! More like High School than anything else. Call center ran by people that are happy to have a little authority and abuse it. They love telling workers that they're replaceable, plays games with scheduling, and training was a big joke. If you need a gig to pass the time by until you find something else this is okay for that, but to think you'll be fulfilled in your work and proud to say you work here... keep scrolling!"

Vendor Accounts (Former Employee) says

"Its not what experience you have its who you know and how you look. Management always changing. I had 16 Team lead all within who knew Management. Linfs hours did not care about family life."

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"-full time"

Client Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Terrible Company. Office Politics. Poor Pay for the work they ask of you. Complete garbage especially their Portsmouth NH business. They promote dumb ignorant managers who lie through their teeth. They typically give a 1% raise if you are lucky but to be honest they screw over A TON of people and they have A LOT of unhappy workers. There is very high turnover. DO NOT BUY IN OR DRINK THIS KOOL AID. BAD BAD BAD COMPANY. Don't waste your time with an application or interview even. Cons: Everything"

(Contract Temp) says

"The call center located in Pasadena CA was not the experience I was hoping for. For the first day, there was a lack of cohesive management from one department to the next and unfortunately the merger with CIT Bank left a void in complete customer service. To be fair, every company merger has it challenges and this was not the exception. The customer service should not be hampered by a merger and this was a case of not being well prepared to train and teach the new staff completely and to be transparent and helpful with the clients and or customers. Cons: Management at all levels in Pasadena Call Center"

Business Analyst/Programmer (Former Employee) says

"Given a choice, go elsewhere. Cons: Even being there a long time, each day you'll wonder if it's your last day."

Fraud Analyst III (Current Employee) says

"I was hired as a temp and loosely promised a perm position which never came after almost a year working there. Manger showed favoritism to friends she hired. Cons: taking a day off for temps is frowned upon no matter the reason."

Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This is a terrible place to work, been through many transitions and moved under management that has no idea how certain segments of the company works. Expectations including unattainable goals and projects. Overstaffed in some areas and understaffed in others. No uniformity across the recently merged companies. Preferential treatment to those who do not have enough work for an 8 hour day and treat employees who go above and beyond working 10-15 hour work days horribly. Pay is inconsistent and pay those with less responsibility more than those with education and extensive work experience."

Vendor Account Specialist (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work for incompetent people then this is the company for you. They treat their employees like cattle and only a select few like gold."

Phone Banker (Former Employee) says

"Barely a week and a half of training. They want you on the phone by your 9th day. If you make errors or give wrong information your out of there. It's high school everybody snitch on everyone the VPs are not professional. They give you a schedule a day before you are supposed to work it and they do not care whether you have family to make arrangements or anything. They all talk about each other Cons: You may not get hired for at least 11 months. Pay goes down to $17-$18 if you get hired."

VP (Former Employee) says

"Do not go to CIT, the company is in flux, across the board downsizing. Benefits are not great, they cut the 401k Company match. The area I was in was poorly managed and very in efficient, it was not a great place to be. Cons: Management, efficiency, benefits"

Assistant Vice President (Current Employee) says

"unpleasant work experience, poor management and new hiring process; disrespectful co-workers; lack of leadership and support; lack of training and information sharing."

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Company overall there is no communication from management. Cons: not a stable company"

Field Examiner (Former Employee) says

"Hostile work environment with little moral due to constant layoffs and rumors of restructure"

AVP (Former Employee) says

"It's a cut-throat culture, set up by the new management, which turned an international commercial lending and leasing bank into a online and regional brick and mortar bank. Shareholders are placed above clients and employees with buybacks, while employee benefits are cut each year to save costs, even though there is a new 10% corporate tax break every year going forward. And no investments in IT infrastructure help protect out clients' info."

financial analyst (Former Employee) says

"Catty and disrepectful employees, management keeps changing ideas and processes, they let employees run the show. Managers don't fully support newer employees with advanced skill sets. Mundane work."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"After seeing multiple reviews from both employees and customers expressing dissatisfaction with CIT Bank, I can state that poor training, obsolete software and management that talks out of both sides of their mouths. For a company that is so focused on nit picking on useless criteria, they need to learn how to treat their customers and employees. Cons: too many to list"

Vice President - Finance (Current Employee) says

"Management has no idea what/who is doing the actual work within the various functions. I have seen multiple people get promoted into roles in which they were completely overwhelmed."

Sales Tax Vice President (Former Employee) says

"The work culture is very dangerous there as everyone is out to blame others. They do not value their employees especially when they gave everything to the company by traveling weekly to an out of state office. Very stressful place to work. Cons: Long hours and no appreciation"

Current Employee - Compliance Officer says

"I have been working at CIT full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Lack of diversity and inclusion"

Current Employee - Relationship Specialist says

"I have been working at CIT full-time for more than a year Cons: Excessive work load, Manual Invoicing by hand, Grumpy Sales Team, Micro Managers, Extremely high turn over, Low Pay, Office politics, No ownership. Multiple systems requiring multiple log in's daily. Complex invoicing issues. Poor training program. Learn by trial & error"

Current Employee - Treasury Analyst says

"I have been working at CIT full-time Cons: Not a great place to make friends"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"I worked at CIT full-time Cons: Culture in Finance is terrible, management micromanages everything and there is no room for advancement. They don’t care about their employees, the training is sub par at best. Would not recommend please stay away, the culture is horrible a lot of bullies at CIT and people get used to it because they have no choice."

Current Employee - Universal Banker says

"I have been working at CIT full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Very low pay. You have to sale a lot to receive a small commission check. Upper management wants to write up employees to avoid paying them their commission. Company is headed in the wrong directions. Outdated technology. Very stressful environment."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at CIT full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Politics, No Hike, Cheap Bonus, Insurance is not great, No work life balance!"

Former Employee - OBM says

"I worked at CIT full-time for more than 5 years Cons: The Tucson area has extra small teams, too dependent on a small group 5 and often times even less when people take vacation or are sick there will only be 2 in the office. The administrative assistant likes to stir the pot and meddles with personnel affairs. If you thrive in a high school environment of back biting and gossip then this could work for you"

Former Employee - Senior Client Accounting and Reporting Specialist says

"I worked at CIT full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Don't apply for operations Department"

Current Employee - Retirement Specialist II says

"I have been working at CIT full-time for more than a year Cons: Hostile environment, Horrible manager, and a lot of stress."

Former Employee - Funding Manager says

"I worked at CIT full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Metrics and goals are so heavily focused on an individual basis. There is no team building. It's every person for himself. The funding department operates like a boiler room without much regard for the talented workers they employ. Turnover is high"

T. J. says

"Lied about fees and interest rate on an installment loan. Attempted to explain their misleading statements and even tried to get us to take another loan after we had complained about their deceptive practices. Don't do business with these folks."

Thomas Elliott says

"The worst financial institution that I have ever worked with. Completely scammed me. I paid $11,878 over 36 months for an $11,119 Apple iMac. I was fooled into thinking this was a purchase back in 2017. Now in 2020 they want $4450.00 more which amounts to 40% interest. I am of course not paying another penny. CIT Direct Capital has done me an extreme dis service, lied to me, scammed me and greatly hurt me. I think the only outcome will be eventually going to court. The customer service is a total joke. I have been trying for 2 months to find any resolve through at least 10 different CIT reps to no avail. They are disgustingly rude. Stay away from Apple Business also which directed me to use CIT Direct Capital. Total scam!"

Carol Anderson says

"Read my previous 2 reviews. Our check never came!!! We had to go to the trouble of driving to another town to fax them information on the check we never received. This is now about 3 months later. I have another CD maturing the first week in November. I called and asked if because of all the troubles I had getting my money from them (and losing a few weeks interest) they would send me the check by federal express. I told them that 2 other companies have done that for us in the last few months. The agent said, "We don't do that. I have never heard of that being done." I asked him if he could check with someone higher up; he said he could not and that he knew this was not done. One of the other companies did it because it was a larger amount of money. This check should be about $112,000, and they won't overnight it?? Ev
en though they kept my last matured cd a few weeks longer so they made interest money on it and I did not? I have 3 other cds left at CIT; once they mature, I will take my business elsewhere. Last time they told me I could reach out to them; my feeling is that they should reach out to me....the check was never issued!!"

Doug Lueck says

"This was the worst experience I've ever had with a financial transaction. I tried to lease Apple equipment, was pre approved and funds withdrawn. A week and a half later, no transaction completed and then my lease was cancelled with no explanation. Getting information from the rep was a joke as he would only respond at most once a day and that was after I sent him an email asking for the status. I honestly can't even understand why Apple would partner with this customer and I won't ever be looking to do business with them."

Carol Anderson says

"Still do not have my money back from a matured CD from CIT. It matured 2 weeks ago!!

Your agent did help me yesterday. However, I was required to drive almost 40 miles round trip to a fax machine to send forms to CIT to put a stop on a check I never received. It seems CIT should have taken care of this for me. I have finally received my money this afternoon (8/5/2020). This has been a fiasco that cost me not only lost interest but much lost time. Your agent Guadalupe was very knowledgeable and efficient. I am just upset it took so long for money I should have had many days ago!!!"

Carol Anderson says

"I am very unhappy with CIT. I had a rather large CD (almost $100,000) come due on July 21. It is now August 2, and I dio not have my money. In comparison, I had another ratherr large CD come due from PenFed on July 29th, and I already received my money 2 days ago!! Pen Fed sends me my checks overnight; my money from CIT must be on a slow boat from China!! They are in Pasadena, CA; it does not take almost 2 weeks to get a check to Illinois. I unfortunately have 3 more CDs with CIT. I will not be reinvesting any more with them once these remaining CDs mature. They must make mega bucks keeping money after maturity dates. This is not a one time thing; any money they send me takes almost 2 weeks longer to get than from other savings institutions. I have now been told that if my check does not come tomorrow, I will have to complete paperwork. In the meantime, I continue to lose interest I could be earning from my money.

Update: 8/4/2020: I still do not have my money; CIT answered on here and wanted me to send them my phone number. They already have it in their records. I can not seem to post it to them on Facebook and do not do Twitter. They should contact me!!! I do not think the check was mailed when they said it was (July 22, 2020).

CIT: send me a phone number; I get no help when I call the number I have: 855-462-2652"

Joann Gonzales says

"We purchased a large piece of equipment and they can't break down my interest and monthly payments. As big of a company this is, and as much money I borrowed, you think they could handle this request.
It's very frustrating!

I have gone over and over this with them, don't use them!"

Richard Ranicke says

"I leased a copier through CIT Finance LLC. My lease ended at the end of 2019. I was not notified by CIT of my end of lease options, but was told they mentioned in the billing statement. When I called, I was told that I owed for the automatic renewal that they put in and don't inform you about. I have now asked to terminate my lease and be refunded the five months I didn't need to pay. Noone has contacted me yet."

Sanni C says

"The is the worse bank I have ever dealt with. The e-sign fonts are small. Contract term I can only say it's devil's doing. Sales person never responded my email any more after I told him I want to cancel the contract. He even put my address totally wrong into the system. I have not received any customer service, knowing any information until I call around. Whoever reading this. My advise to you is run away from this bank. Not good people here."

Alex says

"The customer service department is rude and not equipped to answer basic questions. The lack of professionalism and incompetence is unparalleled and I'd highly recommend leasing or financing elsewhere."

Abdul says

"Bad experience"

John Pastore says

"Stay away from direct capital. Do not do business with this sleazy company. My 48 month equipment loan turned into 49 months because they claim the first payment was interim rent until the loan was set up on their computer. What a crock. Stay clear of Paul Ryan, Brian Driscoll. And Anastasia they will not help. They are not interested in customer service or even doing the right thing.i will tell all social media to boycott Direct Capital. If anybody else feels they were taken advantage of by this unscrupulous company contact me at 631 455 5337 maybe we can start a class action against them. RUN DONT WALK AWAY FROM DIRECT CAPITAL A CIT CORP."

S,B Castle says

"A few years ago a sign company leased me a digital sign using Direct Capital who paid the sales man the full amount up front, viloting the contract which called for 30% down, 30% on delivery, and 40% on completion. No sign was ever delivered so I am out $25000. When I complained to Direct Capital they admited they vilolated the terms of the contract . After several calls they stop taking my calls "I'll have some get back" For several years I have had to pay $484 a month. They even charged me buy insurance on sign, but stopped when I filed for a loss. Insurance company said you cant insure soething that does not exist. Lawyers here advise me that they will just drag this case out in court till I go bankrupt. Be very careful when dealing with Direct Capital. I think they and the sals man were working together"

Hiram says

"Very bad customer service and very expensive to get a loan"

Angela says

"If I have another option I will never use direct capital"

andy yu says

"trust me never deal with this company, you will regret if you do. if you do, make sure you read every single word on the contract. don't not trust their sale rep."

Tour Striker Inc. says

"All I have to say is just because you have done business with a company for over 10 years, don't get lazy in reviewing the numbers. CIT will rip you off every opportunity they get. Thank God for Fundera. Now I can shop everything. Not sure why CIT would get anything above a 2 star rating. I guess they only rip off their existing customers."

Jason Dazz says

"Works good !!!!"

Shawn says

"I have use them for a number of loans however in the last couple of years it has been very hard to get a live person to return a phone call that is made to them. I get standard emails offering money and loans to help my business grow and when I answer back of them just say hey please call me regarding a question I have I never get a call they need to get a better personal touch."

Joshua says

"Great company! I have done a fair amount of my business loans through them but was disappointed in the last few transactions. Was charged a final loan fee. When I was deciding to go with them on the last loan I was told it was a tactic of there competitor. Now looks like they are doing the same thing. Very disappointing"

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